The Popularity of Social Media

Internet recently grows as one of the most popular products of communication technology. The rapid growth of internet is not only being caused by the more modern technology in it, but, it is also being caused by the increased numbers of people who access it. The growth of internet is not able to make people to get information from some sources only, but, it is possibly able to make people communicate each other with faster and more efficient. This reality makes the social media as the media for people to interact with each other is getting to be more popular.

Some Bad Effects Of Being Addicted On Social Media For Children

It cannot be denied that the appearance of social media as the most popular sites and media for people to interact with each other makes people to be able in doing more activities through this thing. More than just being used for doing interaction through online way, the growth of social media recently is also able to make people do another activity such as doing online business. This fact makes some people consider on how vital the role of social media for modern people is. Unfortunately, the inappropriate use of social media otherwise is able to lead some bad effects, especially for children who are unable to use it wisely.

As for children who cannot use it wisely, there are some bad effects that may be experienced by them. Social media for children is badly able to make them ease to get addicted on it. It may lead children to access it continuously that may result the decreased of children’s concentrate in studying and also the decreased of children’s intensity for doing interaction in real social life. In addition, being addicted in accessing social media for children is also able to make them get health problem especially on the health of their eyes. So, it is a must for you to control the intensity of accessing social media by your children through monitoring them by spy application.

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